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Players Soon Will Be Able to Upgrade Their Starships in No Man's Sky

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A new update is coming to No Man's Sky, and will allow players to upgrade their ships, salvage ships for parts, and add other quality of life improvements.

The next update for No Man's Sky, entitled the Synthesis Update, is one of the largest updates for the game. The main feature of the update is the ability to upgrade your starships. Gamers will be able to add inventory slots to their ships, or spend nanites to upgrade their class, all the way up to S-Class. Players previously had to purchase a new ship in order to upgrade. Gamers will also be able to salvage unwanted ships for resources, giving them valuable products and technologies.

Other features of the Synthesis Update include a new Terrain Editing System, the ability to save custom outfits, and an overhauled Space Map. Other quality of life improvements include instant access to the Galactic Trade Terminal and the ability to purchase Planetary Charts from the full shop UI rather than through a dialog interaction.

No Man's Sky's latest update will also feature VR tweaks and refined inventory management. There will also be new technologies available, such as long distance inventory transfers to and from freighters, mid-air jetpack recharging, and instantaneous emergency warping. There will also be new base parts for players to utilize. Base building is also receiving improvements, which include visual and functional improvements to the snapping system. Existing parts have also been optimized and building costs have been reduced. The capacity of storage containers have been increased, and can now be given custom names.

Along with all of the improvements, the Synthesis Update will fix a number of issues and bugs. You read the massive patch notes here.

The Synthesis Update will release on November 28th. The update comes just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend, giving gamers an opportunity to check out the new update.

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