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Details for Kingdom Hearts III's Re:Mind DLC Have Released

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Information on Kingdom Hearts III's "Re:Mind" DLC has been released, including some of the new modes coming to the game.

Over the weekend, a Kingdom Hearts III concert was held in Osaka, Japan. At the concert, Director Tetsuya Nomura shared some information about the RPG's upcoming DLC. One of the concert's attendees, Twitter user Mel_liflous3 (thank you Eurogamer), shared some of the details that were given at the concert. This included a Photo Mode, Slideshow Mode, Fast Pass Mode, and "Black Code."

Photo mode allows players to pose any of the game's protagonists, and some antagonists, in a chosen setting. Gamers will be able to use props and backgrounds, including sparkles, dream eaters and a giant pancake. Slideshow Mode let's players take the photos that they have captured and add background music, transitions, and zooms in order to create a slideshow.

The other two modes mentioned by Mel_liflous3 changed Kingdom Hearts III's difficulty. Fast Pass Mode allows players to essentially one-shot enemies. Black Code gives players the ability to fine tune the game's difficulty to their exact specifications, including how much health that they will have.

"Re:Mind" still does not have a specific release date, though they have given the DLC a winter release window. Nomura did mention at the Kingdom Hearts III concert that a trailer for the upcoming DLC will drop sometime this month.

This new information goes along with a few other details that we had already knew about "Re:Mind." The DLC will include a scenario called Re:Mind, an episode with a boss, and a secret episode that includes its own boss. There will also be a new Keyblade and a new form.

As Kingdom Hearts III's upcoming add-on is slated for a winter release, it should be arriving soon. We will likely have to wait for the trailer to drop sometime this month to finally know when we can sink our teeth into more Kingdom Hearts.

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