Two Point Hospital Checks Into Consoles Next February

Two Point Hospital Checks Into Consoles Next February

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Two Point Hospital is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch simultaneously on February 25th, SEGA announced today. The sim management game has received rave reviews on PC since its launch in August of 2018. Originally scheduled for a console port in 2019, the game was pushed back to allow Two Point Studios more time to polish the console version.

Two Point Hospital puts players in charge of -- you guessed it -- a hospital in Two Point County where they can research 119 different and often outlandish illnesses like Animal Magnetism, which is precisely what it sounds like, and Denim Genes, another accurately named ailment. Players also must manage staff and aid patients as they build a healthcare empire.

The console version will also include the first two major expansions for the game, Bigfoot and Pebberley Island, which brings the titular cryptid and a total of 21 regions to the game. Sims don't always translate well from keyboard to controller, but Two Point Studios say they've rebuilt the controls for optimal performance whether Two Point Hospital is being played at home or on the go via Nintendo Switch.

Two Point Hospital released on August 28, 2018 to Mighty OpenCritic scores, averaging an 85 from 57 critics. The Bigfoot DLC released at the end of last year and introduced a new wintery region to the game and earned Fair score, with an OpenCritic average of 73, though only three critics reviewed it. The beachy Pebberley Island DLC was better received during its March 2019 launch, garnering a Strong 79 average from six critics. A third expansion, Close Encounters, added aliens to the game when it arrived this past August alongside a new desert-like region meant to be a nod to Area 51, though to date no critics on OpenCritic have reviewed the expansion.

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