World War Z Gets Horde Mode Tomorrow

World War Z Gets Horde Mode Tomorrow

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World War Z is getting a horde mode tomorrow, December 16, Saber Interactive announced. Named Horde Mode Z, the latest addition to the video game based on a movie based on a book will operate like many who have played the mode in other games would expect.

Survivors must hold out through endless waves of zombies, which Creative Director Olivier Hollis-Leick boasts can reach up to 500 on screen at one time. The defenses seen in the game's campaign mode, such as auto-turrets and electrified fences, will take on a bigger role in the game's Horde Mode Z due to the downtime between waves where players are encouraged to set up a perimeter.

Unlike the game that inspired it, the timeless Left 4 Dead, World War Z uses a class-based character system, and Hollis-Leick hopes this element further shines in the new mode. "With Horde Mode Z, these roles will be pushed to their limits, and we’re excited to see which combinations come out on top," he said in a PlayStation Blog update about the new content.

He also remarked how many early players mistook the game's signature zombie pyramids as merely background flair, and only when the undead had scaled the walls to attack did some players learn too late that they were very much a threat. Toppling these pyramids quickly will be even more crucial in Horde mode, where players will often have less space to escape.

The update will be free for all players as part of its latest season of content. Previous free content includes new weapons and levels, and the studio says they're not done yet with a new Special Infected, new cosmetics, and cross-play all incoming too.

World War Z launched on April 16, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. From 92 OpenCritic reviewers, the game did pretty well, garnering a 70 average.

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