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Mar 26, 2024

From my overall experience playing Highwater, it’s a game with good visuals, music, and world-building, but suffers from jarring transitions and rough story pacing as the game progresses. The most fun to be had in Highwater would have to be the challenge and creativity of its combat mechanics— interacting with the environment can lead to satisfying and sometimes hilarious ways to defeat enemies.

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Oct 10, 2023

From my overall experience with Paleo Pines, I had the most fun when discovering and befriending dinosaurs, but the rest of the game can feel like a chore at times. The jankiness of the movement makes farming more difficult than it needs to be and although the open-world section is decently sized, it has invisible boundaries on small cliffs or ledges that can break the immersion of the game world. Despite my gripes with the gameplay, the art style of the game is charming and I’m a fan of how adorable the art team rendered the dinosaurs. The world and characters also blend well together and the only real issue I had with the visuals was that the corners of the skybox could sometimes be seen and the stiffness of the human animations. Also, while doing the townspeople’s tasks, which can be a bit fetch-questy, it becomes noticeable how empty certain sections of the game world are. However, the prospect of getting more dinos to live on your ranch is what warrants launching the game up at least a couple times.

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