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Rogue Games, Demagog Studio
Mar 14, 2024 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for Highwater

I really wanted to like Hightower and I kind of do, thanks to all of the passion and cute touches that are peeking through the cracks. Whether it's the inclusion of old movie trivia that can skip a battle, some Charlie Chaplin footage, a scene where you're trapped behind a wall and more, it's clear there was a real vision here, and while it may not be fully realised, I admire the effort. The end product falls short on a number of levels, but I have a soft spot for it regardless and will be keeping an eye on the developer's future games.

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Highwater is an excellent adventure game that puts a magnifying glass up to the growing issue of climate change and the ambivalence that humans can have towards the state of the environment. While the story is bogged down by inconsistent writing, I found plenty to enjoy in its combat system and its ancillary storytelling.

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Highwater is certainly a looker (and a sounder(?)), but its predictable combat and uninteresting story make it difficult to drudge all the way through.

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Highwater understands its limitations. It’s not a game that tries to do too much and fails. Some aspects work well, like the world-building, premise, and combat. But I wanted to be told less, and discover more. Given a bigger budget and less restrictive, more open-ended gameplay, Highwater could be a standout in a crowded field. Highwater has good intentions, but it needs a team of writers who understand character and dialogue a little better, and that showing is better than telling.

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Highwater è un videogioco efficace ed essenziale, ben scritto e forte di una trama sicura di sé e di un contesto capace di colpire nel segno. È un prequel che riesce a incastrarsi in modo unico alle esperienze del passato, con il team che ha abbracciato un sistema di combattimento a turni ottimamente implementato ma non così profondo. È un'avventura dinamica che fonda il suo fulcro totale sulla narrativa.

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Highwater is definitely one for fans of Demagog Studio's other work, presenting yet another distinct gameplay experience set in the shared world. It's also a great little game in its own right with fun turn-based strategy encounters and charming characters.

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Although Highwater's combat is frustrating at times, and its story is a tad derivative, it's still an incredibly enjoyable and hyper relevant game because of its core messages and lore.‍

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A very worthy addition to the Demagog repertoire, Highwater builds on the gorgeous and provocative world of the studio's other games with a story-driven escape from a flooded planet. It is a sharp critique of late stage capitalism, but it populates the devastated world with a touching story, wholesome characters, and surprisingly engaging combat.

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