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Favorite Games:
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Super Mario Bros.

118 games reviewed
78.2 average score
80 median score
62.7% of games recommended

Andrew Reiner's Reviews

Andrew Reiner has been a staple in the pages of Game Informer since 1995, and serves as the executive editor for the magazine, website, and video content.
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6 / 10.0 - Shenmue III
Nov 26, 2019

Exploring small towns is still fun and rewarding until you have to engage in battle and dialogue. Then it falls apart

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Nov 14, 2019

Jedi: Fallen Order tells a new Star Wars story and takes players to new places. It sits nicely alongside the Rebels and Resistance TV shows, which also dare to be different

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6.5 / 10.0 - MediEvil
Oct 24, 2019

The story and writing are still clever, but Dan's adventure hasn't aged well, and ends up being a chore

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Oct 24, 2019

Leveling up guns is ridiculously fun, and the breadth of modes keeps this experience from feeling repetitive. This is a game you can sink tons of time into

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Playing with friends can be fun, especially when stealth is working. But whether the game "works" is the key question at all times

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8.5 / 10.0 - The Surge 2
Sep 27, 2019

The Surge 2 is challenging, but finds ways to continually reward the player, whether it's a new piece of armor, weapon, or a life-saving shortcut

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7.3 / 10.0 - GreedFall
Sep 15, 2019

GreedFall's writing is solid, and the player choice is fun to engage in, but the game needs polish and more meaningful action

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8.5 / 10.0 - Gears 5
Sep 4, 2019

Gears 5 delivers plenty of excitement in its encounters and story, and offers nearly endless thrills in its excellently crafted multiplayer experiences

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8.5 / 10.0 - Wreckfest
Aug 29, 2019

Smashing up cars is fun, and Wreckfest is an old-school racer that delivers on that thrill

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Aug 28, 2019

The uninteresting story has plenty of dull moments, but isn't enough to kill the thrill of trying to keep all of the characters alive, especially when played with friends

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