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7 / 10 - Kudzu
Apr 19, 2024

Kudzu is a good adventure, and we're sure we would have loved it back in the day. We can even imagine kids at primary school asserting that, in some ways, Kudzu is better than Link's Awakening. This is in part because young kids are often deliberately contrarian, but also because Kudzu's character and game world are genuinely noteworthy. This comes through in some tight writing and an enjoyable gameplay experience. Its slight lack of polish might knock a point off, but the Switch pricing is reasonable. We're confident that fans of retro games will find a lot to love, and playing Kudzu on an actual Game Boy would be a genuine treat.

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7 / 10 - Open Roads
Mar 30, 2024

If you're interested in a three-hour narrative adventure in the vein of Gone Home and Tacoma, and you can justify the current price, then there's a memorable-enough time to be had with Open Roads. There's not a wasted detail in the game's storytelling and there's a lot to appreciate in the subtle and skilful way it leads you through its tale. We enjoyed the little moments of character growth that came from Opal and Tess throughout. By the end, we felt as if we knew them. The game's ending also, genuinely, surprised us, which is an impressive feat. There's a heartfelt originality to Open Roads. But, yes, the gameplay is also limited. The 'pick up an object, have a conversation' repetition only has a temporary appeal. Whether the game is for you or not depends entirely on how you feel about the genre as a whole.

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Jan 25, 2024

If you're intrigued by visual novels and their potential to delight, then the Pixel Pulps series is arguably the best possible place to start. Bahnsen Knights is the third entry and it's pretty damn wonderful. With its tighter emphasis on gameplay, it's arguably the best of the three, though that would be like choosing your favourite child. It's okay to love them all. Bahnsen Knights is an easy recommendation, and one which becomes even stronger if you're interested in horror and weird tales.

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