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Bahnsen Knights

LCB Game Studio , Chorus Worldwide Games
Dec 14, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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Critic Reviews for Bahnsen Knights

The third of LCB's weird narrative experiences is a reminder of what makes this series so special.

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If you're intrigued by visual novels and their potential to delight, then the Pixel Pulps series is arguably the best possible place to start. Bahnsen Knights is the third entry and it's pretty damn wonderful. With its tighter emphasis on gameplay, it's arguably the best of the three, though that would be like choosing your favourite child. It's okay to love them all. Bahnsen Knights is an easy recommendation, and one which becomes even stronger if you're interested in horror and weird tales.

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But as engaging as Bahnsen Knights’s atmosphere may be, the process of navigating it isn’t as consistently engrossing. The similarities to Choose Your Own Adventure-style storytelling work both in the game’s favor and against it. On one hand, there’s freedom to how you approach many situations, and there’s some excitement to knowing that the game holds more mysteries than you’ll uncover on first playthrough. On the other, there are quite a few fail states that feel arbitrary or unfair, and reloading a dialogue sequence several times in quick succession only serves to break the mood that the game otherwise works so hard to maintain.

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Bahnsen Knights is an interesting visual novel that leans heavily on pulp fiction storytelling while giving players the illusion of choice. While the game is quite short, it’s a good recommendation for a player wanting a gripping narrative set within a late 80s aesthetic.

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yet. I'll be keeping an eye on LCB Game Studios and Chorus Worldwide Games because Pixel Pulps is something I would be interested in, if fleshed out more. This just ain't it.

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I love the Pixel Pulp series due to the storytelling and art. So I definitely like the visual novel part. But I get so very frustrated with most of the mini-games. I’m in this weird place where I have to juggle which is more important to me, narrative or gameplay. And honestly, narrative will win out every single time. Bahnsen Knights is a curious, creepy celebration of the pulp fiction genre. I have really enjoyed seeing the developer grow over the three games in the Pixel Pulp series, and I cannot wait to see what it does next. I bet nobody will see it coming.

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You can finish the game in two to three hours, but it’s just the right length for this slice of suspense (and the game’s £8.49/$9.99 price tag). Engaging and shocking in equal measure, Bahnsen Knights is a wild ride you won’t regret taking.

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Bahnsen Knights is awkward, short, and gangly. It has uncomfortable controls and isn't even available in Portuguese. None of this, however, takes away from the game its best narrative qualities, bold artistic style and a very particular way of promoting a good immersive experience worthy of its best inspirations.

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