Clay Johnson

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85.0 average score
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The only issues with Guacamelee are simply minor quibbles that keep it from true masterpiece status. It's hard to worry too much about these slight imperfections when the game hits so many right notes, ranging from the lavish presentation to the deep combat and platforming. On the whole, it's a brisk and refreshing joy to play, with a lively personality that's eminently endearing. Guacamelee is a fantastic Metroid-inspired platformer that shouldn't be missed.

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Aug 30, 2014

In the end, there’s a magical quality to this game’s blend of ingredients that makes some of its minor faults seem insignificant.

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8 / 10.0 - 1001 Spikes
Jun 20, 2014

The sheer volume of content on offer here is quite impressive, as is the presentation. The graphics and music feel authentically 8-bit, and even the Ninja Gaiden-style cutscenes present a story that adds an appealing texture to things. Those patient enough to tolerate 1001 Spikes' punishing design sensibilities should find a valuable treasure beneath its prickly exterior.

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