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Born in England, and living near Brighton, Alana has been writing about video games professionally since 2015. Her love of RPGs knows no bounds, she is particularly interested in Japanese RPGs, both old and new, but is always ready to try out the next big thing. A quick way to her heart is to mention Sega's classic Dreamcast RPG, Skies of Arcadia. As well as writing about video games, she runs RPGFan's Reviews and Previews department, and has been in charge there since 2016. You might also recognise her from Random and Retro Encounter - if you hear the British voice, you've found her. Outside of reviews, Alana loves to do nothing more than stay at home with her two dogs, read a book, maybe drink some coffee, and go on long, lonely walks along the beach no matter the weather. She also likes to make a lot of noise on Twitter, usually about her current non-review game.
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Regardless of my feelings on the final changes, or at my annoyances at the reptetitions, few games touch my soul as deeply as this series does. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is still an experience that will always stick with me, whether I think my hard work has been rewarded or not. The original 2010 release came with many caveats, and Replicant has softened many while bringing some of its own, but this is a game that makes me think and feel more than most others. It’s tedious, mindless, and even frustrating at times, but this rerelease makes a peculiar, melancholy and beautiful game much easier to recommend.

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Jul 5, 2020

A strong cast helps Death Come True be an engaging experience, even when the central mechanic isn't used to its best effect.

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A solid first piece of DLC that has a few chinks.

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Jun 21, 2020

Essential and powerful, but perhaps seek out the mobile version first.

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You better bee-lieve how good this is.

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May 24, 2020

An interesting concept that needs a little bit more work to make a compelling game.

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Apr 6, 2020

A refreshing re-imagining of the beginning of Final Fantasy VII, Remake is at times wonderful but at others audacious, and I'm here for the ride.

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Mar 20, 2020

A welcome addition to the fighting game genre that makes the wait for Relink that little bit easier.

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Mar 12, 2020

Aside from its diversity and occasional cute character moments, Half Past Fate is largely forgettable.

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85% -
Dec 22, 2019

At times brutally difficult, and others frustratingly random, SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions takes some big risks to ensure it's highly satisfying and incredibly rewarding to play through.

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