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The best single player campaign Call of Duty has produced in years provides a decent story with some really impactful moments. The set pieces are as good as ever and the cinematics look phenomenal. Zombies in Space is a nice idea and well-implemented, but will be a disappointment to hardcore fans of the mode due to its relative simplicity. Unfortunately the multiplayer is a bit of a let down. Too few changes make this feel like a rehash of Black Ops 3 and the new ideas fail to hit the mark. That beings said this is still one of the best multiplayer shooters available, and by no means is it a bad game.

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8.5 / 10.0 - Stasis
Sep 8, 2015

The atmosphere created throughout the entirety of Stasis makes this one of the most constantly unsettling experiences I have ever played. As an experience this is incredible, but as a point and click game it doesn't quite hit the same heights. There are some issues but overall this is a unique experience that deserves to be played.

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