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Daedalic Entertainment, THE BROTHERHOOD
Aug 31, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Stasis

STASIS is one of the most memorable experiences I've had from gaming in quite a while. Some puzzles can be frustratingly obtuse, but the majority are a pleasure to solve. The game will take most people between six to ten hours to complete, depending on puzzle-solving skill, and just about every moment is sure to stick with the player in some way. STASIS is a game that is not to be missed by anyone craving an eerie and sinister experience.

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STASIS punches well above its weight, delivering a chilling, intense experience. With an atmospheric and unnerving style, the title is a must for fans of sci-fi horror.

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It's moody, dark, creative, and an adventure game that just left me feeling dreadful. It's not the most original sci-fi horror experience, but it's one that absolutely nails what the setting is about, and that's most important.

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Stasis is a traditional point-and-click nightmare that enthralls from the opening scene until the very end. Smart puzzles and breathtaking yet horrific artwork make it not only one of the best adventure games ever made, but one of the finest horror titles to be released on PC as well.

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Stasis has its quirks and shortcomings, but its atmosphere and compelling descent into deeper and deeper levels of a proverbial Hell make it worth sticking through.

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The atmosphere created throughout the entirety of Stasis makes this one of the most constantly unsettling experiences I have ever played. As an experience this is incredible, but as a point and click game it doesn't quite hit the same heights. There are some issues but overall this is a unique experience that deserves to be played.

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STASIS is visually well made and has some great atmospheric elements, but the annoying dialogue and preachy story drag it down a lot.

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This takes a lot of the best elements from classic adventures while only hanging on to a few of the weaker ones.

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