Davis Cox

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70.5 average score
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65 / 100 - Moon Hunters
Sep 7, 2016

While Moon Hunters may not be the perfect game, it nobly aims for the stars, and for that alone it is memorable.

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80 / 100 - Push Me Pull You
May 27, 2016

Everyone should be squirming to play Push Me Pull You

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72 / 100 - Devil Daggers
Feb 18, 2016

As gaming's nostalgia shifts from 16-bit revival to a soft spot for PS1-era early 3D, Devil Daggers and similarly-minded titles like the upcoming STRAFE demonstrate that the current late-90s retro revival isn't simply devoted to looks alone, but the mechanics those games lived and died by. Sorath's self-developed engine truly shines in its dedication to maintaining a frenetic pace with unrelenting challenge.

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Feb 11, 2016

The Deadly Tower of Monsters revels in the schlock of B-movies

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