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Devil Daggers

Feb 18, 2016 - PC

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Devil Daggers - Trailer - Available now on Steam

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Critic Reviews for Devil Daggers

Invigorating and infuriating in equal measure, Devil Daggers is a journey of self torment that will do terrible things to your brain.

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8.5 / 10.0

Devil Daggers' stripped-down and distilled essence of first-person shooter intensity will take up a lot of my time in the weeks to come. Every second longer that I survive in its hellish arena is a new record for myself to break, over and over again. It's a brutal, but brilliant shooter that finds strength in its minimalism, stretching a few seconds of action here and there into endless hours of dreadful fun.

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Devil Daggers takes the foundation of the shooter genre and builds it into a fine-tuned, challenging, exhilarating romp through hell.

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This game is not for everyone, but if there's even a little part of you that wants to hurl daggers at skeletal spiders under extreme duress, I recommend you go to hell. It's fun here.

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A brutally difficult game that is pure digital crack. Devil Daggers might grab you by the balls and shake you until you're sick, but you'll always go back for more.

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Devil Daggers is laser-focused on providing a very specific type of shooter experience, suggesting old school classics stripped down to their fundamental core.

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Devil Daggers knows exactly what it is and owns it.

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A well made, but ultimately shallow game, Devil Daggers is a good showcase piece for indie developer Sorath, and a decent score-chaser arcade game to kill some time with.

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