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Ben harbors an intimate love for Fallout 3, Tron, and nachos – he just wishes that science would find a way of combining all three. Until that time, though, he’s going to stick to writing words about video games.
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5.5 / 10.0 - Hardware: Rivals
Jan 11, 2016

It's colorful and quite ridiculous; it's simple, accessible and well populated. Hardware: Rivals has most of the ingredients present to cook up a fantastic arcade experience, but it's missing a vital ingredient: fun. The sluggish pace that permeates everything from movement and destruction to respawning and leveling up constantly holds it back. Even unlocks are few in number and, being mostly cosmetic, carry little to no incentive in the first place. If someone hooked Hardware: Rivals up to an espresso drip, then we'd certainly have an entirely different game. Alas, there's a solid mound of squandered potential here, below a deceptively enticing facade.

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Dec 18, 2015

It doesn't cover any new ground, or do anything of great significance, but Fat Princess Adventures is a solid and playful RPG experience in its own right. It's a relaxed title that'll be a sure hit with most, especially if you turn the excessive blood off for your kids. Combat is overly basic and often gets too hectic while the presence of the run-of-the-mill story is more than welcome. It's a new bake for the Fat Princess franchise, one that's at least worth a bite.

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7.5 / 10.0 - Guns Up!
Dec 13, 2015

Guns Up! is devilishly addictive and provides a seriously fun formula of mutually beneficial attack and defence tactics. It's initially intimidating economy only works to give the game depth once you've completed the enlightening tutorial, leaving you with a constant desire to progress and improve both your settlement and your garrison of units. All the above is unsettlingly blighted by an ever-present need to fork out real cash or face the reality of dampening the enjoyment by grinding for hours. It's a necessary evil in the free-to-play genre that's simply too overbearing here to fully accept or ignore.

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Bedlam is undeniably an enjoyable kick for those who grew up in the '80s and '90s, surely drawing from personal experiences with the games it's emulating. The eccentricities found in Brookmyre's writing may work to alienate those merely passing through, but for those drawn in by the familiarity of its charming block graphics it'll simply be an added bonus. If you're still missing the days of dial-up LAN games of Quake then this is well worth a look, but if you have no idea what that first sentence meant, well you're probably better off giving it a miss altogether.

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4 / 10.0 - Overruled!
Sep 23, 2015

Overruled! has a few decent ideas in hand, the game-changing card system is especially quaint and brings much needed elements of luck to an easily mastered game. The local experience is phenomenal and proves to be close to couch warfare at its best, but simply falls flat on its face everywhere else.

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5 / 10.0 - Hyper Void
Sep 9, 2015

Hyper Void is not without its fair share of fun, producing some eccentric and vibrant experiences with its procedural environments. Unfortunately, it's still very light on additional content and offers next to no incentive to continue the fight once you've exhausted the short run of levels.

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8 / 10.0 - Armello
Sep 9, 2015

Being digitized has been the enabling factor for Armello. In reality this would be a boring stat-checking and constant dice rolling experience, but the PS4 takes all the slack, doing the math and dice-rolling for you, allowing you to just enjoy the show. This makes the heavy rule book seem more palatable while you enjoy the rich and engaging lore. It's a well-balanced and good-looking experience that shows originality is still possible in a format that's centuries old.

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Aug 27, 2015

So close, yet so far. Toy Soldiers: War Chest is an anti-climatic bundle of stale tactics, drawn-out missions, and taped-on microtransactions. It's a wonderful idea in theory that's just not developed enough or presented appealingly.

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Aug 26, 2015

If you've never played Dishonored then this game should already be in your basket. It's a pristine release that's being saved from fading into history with this re-release and delivers all the content as a thank you. For the double dippers considering this, a stern word of caution. Very little has changed since you left Dunwall but if you really get a kick out of your controller talking to you then by all means, go in for the kill.

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5.5 / 10.0 - Adventures of Pip
Aug 20, 2015

It's an undeniably cute platforming adventure that's sure to provide a good few hours of enjoyment, but this is mostly due to it not stepping out of the norm. The Adventures of Pip does little wrong simply by not doing much at all, its colorful stages, tight mechanics and often humorous writing are all disappointingly dulled by an overwhelming and unshakeable sense of déja vu.

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