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Worms Battlegrounds

Team 17
May 30, 2014 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Worms Battlegrounds

Like most Worms games, you'll need other people to play with or risk monotony. Enemy AI still isn't the sharpest tool in the shed even this far in the game, and they can take far too long between turns, leading to boredom. Given the price tag of $25, it's perfect for those of you who haven't played a Worms game in years and have the itch. But if you've been playing along for the past few years, you might be able to skip this slightly upgraded collective of recent entries -- unless you're a fanatic, of course.

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In the short term the story mode and Spec Ops missions will provide some decent entertainment, but the multiplayer will need to thrive to help reach full potential. It's only a few problems, like sometimes not being able to tell foreground from background, the steep learning curve on some puzzles, and a few fiddly controls that holds Battleground from making the leap to astounding. However it is still worth giving this a shot.

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Worms: Battlegrounds is a solid game. I've had great fun playing it with my friends, and it's definitely one I'll return to after reviewing, which doesn't always happen. But it is a Worms game, which means that nothing much is new, and nothing in particular is worth shouting about. If you don't like the series this won't convert you, but if you do, well, you already know what you're getting.

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The good news is that fans can now play a new Worms game on their new consoles; the bad news is that Worms Battlegrounds does almost nothing to advance the series and so makes it hard to justify yet another Worms entry to begin with.

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While it's a bit intimidating to newcomers, and the single player campaign can seem tedious as it relies on a tried and true formula, Worms Battlegrounds does offer a very enjoyable multiplayer experience that fans have come to know and love. Anyone looking for a fun online game to play with friends should definitely pick this up if you have the coin to do so.

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Worms Battlegrounds continues to impress in multiplayer, offering more of the same team-based battles and outrageous weapons. But i's not the most unique or exciting Worms release, and you'd be hard pressed to pick it out of a lineup.

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With such a long-running pedigree, it's easy to see why Team 17 hasn't even attempted to re-invent the worm destroying wheel with Worms Battlegrounds. This is a competent game, but it's barely a refinement of a release that you've almost certainly already played. The dated gameplay, exaggerated British humour, and wacky weaponry mean that this will please if you're looking for more of the same – but while fans will simply be satisfied to see the series slither onto the PS4, newcomers may ponder how the franchise has even made it this far.

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