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Jason Kwasnicki

Long Valley, NJ

Favorite Games:
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Diablo 2

15 games reviewed
78.7 average score
80 median score
66.7% of games recommended

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After getting my degree at GWU down in Washington, I decided to come back to my home turf. Today, I live in Queens while I work my way through the online media hustle as part of The Outerhaven Productions. With a deep passion for games, particularly RPGs with lots of numbers and quirky characters (I love anthropomorphic frogs), I hope that my enthusiasm will get others equally excited about a hobby that has helped shape my life.
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While Resident Evil 7 does have flaws, on the whole it is the best entry into the franchise in over a decade. The gamble definitely paid off

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Dec 8, 2016

The Last Guardian is not a perfect game. None is. But I can't think of many titles that deliver such powerful experiences utilizing the tools that only gaming can provide. I couldn't in all honesty sit here and nitpick the controls or the occasional graphical hiccup, because I had too much damn fun and made a great friend along the way.

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Oct 25, 2016

World of Final Fantasy is a great game. I love every minute of walking through its dungeons, looking for a chest that I think will hold a cool weapon or rare item but only has a potion. It hearkens back to what myself and many others consider a "Golden Age" in the genre.

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Aug 16, 2016

Hello Games has established a universe to explore with an interesting lore and great aesthetic design. However, if you need more than that to motivate you, you probably won't dig this game (as of now).

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Jul 23, 2016

At times, this journey can come dangerously close to pulling back that curtain on the great and powerful Mr. Oz, revealing shortcomings not readily apparent in the 90s. However, I Am Setsuna succeeds in its goal despite almost falling on its face, and I couldn’t be more happy about that.

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- Furi
Jul 2, 2016

Furi is a game for fans of wicked-fast action and cruel difficulty. Jarringly chaotic shooting sections can feel punishingly arbitrary compared to the precise and focused melee combat, and having to replay entire twenty-minute segments can get frustrating, but at the end, I cannot deny that I felt a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Add to that a visual and audio flair all its own and you have a title more than worth revisiting, if only for the satisfaction of throwing your opponent to the ground after a perfectly-timed parry.

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May 21, 2016

If you liked Fallout 4, you owe it to yourself to pick up Far Harbor because you will probably like it more. If you didn't love the direction the series has been taking, perhaps Far Harbor will right some of those wrongs. Overall, this expansion does what a good expansion should do: provide more of what made the original good and continue or expand the story in a satisfying way. Far Harbor exceeds that by giving us a lot of content and providing a world and story that is more interesting than what came before it, as well as bringing back series' staples that some felt were missing from the original.

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Apr 12, 2016

Ratchet and Clank does exactly what is was meant to: retcon the series to include all of the expanded lore and present a good jumping on point for recent and new fans in preparation for the upcoming big screen debut. That's not meant to sound diminutive, either. It's a great game, and, in a generation lacking in good 3D platformers, comes as a godsend. Clearly, Insomniac put a lot of work into making the definitive origin story for the duo. That being said, it still feels like a missed opportunity to add something that fans haven't already seen.

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Mar 24, 2016

If you liked Fallout 4, this is the perfect excuse to dive back in. Just don't expect a fully fleshed out story to guide you through the new content.

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Feb 11, 2016

If "walking simulators" aren't your thing, this may not be a fit for you. I wasn't a fan of the genre before playing Firewatch, so maybe it might change your mind as well. It is hard to make the call as a critic, because the experience can be pretty personal at times. But what I can say definitively was that I was surprised.

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