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Red Goddess: Inner World

Yanim Studio
Jun 30, 2015 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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RED GODDESS: INNER WORLD PS4 Trailer [1080p 60fps]

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Critic Reviews for Red Goddess: Inner World

Red Goddess is a frustrating, uninspired platformer that's neither fun nor fair.

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A good platformer puts together well constructed levels and a decent challenge, while a great platformer has levels that encourage you to take risks and move through as fast as possible while offering fun challenges to tackle. Sadly Red Goddess doesn't offer any of these. Instead it feels like you are fighting the game every step of the way, and this is frustrating because of how much promise there is underneath all the problems. Given more time I'm sure Yanim Studio could have nailed this on the first attempt, but instead Red Goddess: Inner World's bugs dominate against the gameplay.

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Overall, if you like the Metroidvania style gameplay and concept you will very likely enjoy this game. Keeping in mind this is Yanim Studio's first attempt at a game I'm willing to forgive them some of the minor transgressions I came across. For what it's worth I think it's a strong debut featuring a fun concept and great visuals so I look forward to what else Yanim has on the horizon.

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4.5 / 10.0
Ken McKown

Red Goddess: Inner World is kind of a mess technically, and that just drags down the experience. I truly hope the developers get a working patch to sort out the issues, but as of now it is just too much to recommend. The ideas are sound, and the story is interesting, but too much holds it back. I feel like it should have waited for release, as once again this title will likely be forgotten long before it is fixed.

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Red Goddess has beautiful visuals and an interesting rage and fear transformation system. It had potential, but sadly, a great game is buried under a pile of problems.

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 If you're a fan of the genre, while you may not find anything truly innovative in the actual gameplay, the story and all-around design makes it more than worth a look. Challenging and rewarding, Red Goddess: Inner World is one that I think has slipped under the radar despite some excellent potential.

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While the concept and artwork could have made for an interesting title, the game itself becomes more frustrating than fun. The technical issues do not help, either.

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One of the first rules of game design, or design in general, is to establish function before working on the form of the piece. There is simply no point in having a game that is stunning to look at and listen to, when it just isn't fun to play.

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