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Writer, Lover, Viking...ok mostly a Viking but when not wielding an axe on some rainy battlefield I play games and write reviews for
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60 / 100 - Shift Happens
Apr 27, 2017

A fun little puzzle romp for two people. Shift Happens suffers a little from not having a stronger offering for single player. Once you and a friend have completed it there's not a lot here to come back to. Still fun, and for the price it's not a bad distraction.

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Apr 27, 2017

Man the oars and burn the churches! An excellent Viking adventure that is kept from perfection by a few niggling issues in story and a sometimes punitive combat system. Very much worth a look for all fans of Vikings, tactical combat or turn-based RPGs.

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Nov 1, 2016

Mordheim is a game that does alot of interesting stuff; permenant character damage, high levels of customisation and differentiated objectives, but hides some of it behind an unforgiving grind which may put off some players. For those who stick it out though the interesting story missions and fun gameplay are rewarding in their own right.

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Sep 9, 2016

Jotun is the first game in a while that fully pulled me into its world. The lands of Viking myth are here brought to stunning life and the epic boss battles with the numerous Giants are the icing on the game cake. Easily the most Viking game since The Banner Saga.

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70 / 100 - Worms W.M.D
Aug 23, 2016

This is classic Worms gameplay with enough new features to make it feel fresh again. Still, the lack of true evolution stops it from feeling like the instant classic that the earliest games in the series were. However, when you're having this much fun blowing up your enemies with tanks and banana bombs who can argue about originality?

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