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I'm just some dude with a dream of entertaining people by talking about videogames. My favorite genre is JRPG, I love Zelda and Dragon Quest, I want to play Breath of the Wild so much and I hate David Cage.
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May 30, 2016

Super Meat Boy is one of the most marvelously-crafted and designed platform games to have been released in the current century. With its rich and varied levels, multiple motivations to keep playing, magnificent gameplay and fine-tuned difficulty curve, there's little standing in the way of Super Meat Boy to be one of the most memorable platform games to have been released in the last few years.

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9 / 10 - Hollow Knight
Aug 6, 2018

Hollow Knight is not just another Matroidvania, it's a whole experience that everyone should try. With its immense exploration, fine controls, marvelous audiovisual component and subtle but well-written plot, Hollow Knight is full of reasons why everyone should give this indie game not just an opportunity but a time of their lives.

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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Special Episode is a marvelous, if unexpected, surprise that extends the original game by nearly one third of its length and which brings an additional set of high quality challenges that make the game even more enjoyable. This Special Episode is a timely reminder of why Nintendo should invest more in DLC for its games.

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Jul 11, 2018

Thanks to its marvelous level design, camera orientation and delightful audiovisual presentation, Captain Toad is certain to bring some very welcome charm and fun to the growing catalogue of the Nintendo Switch.

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Mar 15, 2018

Darkest Dungeon is a game that does not go easy on any aspect. Demanding, tough and frustrating on many occasions, it's also very well designed and executed and while it clearly isn't for everyone, it will find its place with many players out there. The most difficult elements include the game's random nature and how on many moments they just feel like they have no reason to be whereas its atmosphere and presentation are worthy of every praise.

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Nov 15, 2016

Pokémon Sun & Moon are among the best entries in the series and while it doesn't break any significant new grounds, Game Freak's latest opus adds an additional layer of strategic planning to the gameplay and features a beautiful audiovisual environment topped with the series' best plot so far. It's not very clear where Poké Finder fits in and the performance is less on par in the original 3DS but the Pokémon series is definitely showing that it's still alive and kicking...and worthy of the players' attention.

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8 / 10 - Dead Cells
Sep 3, 2018

Dead Cells is a unique work that combines metroidvania and roguelike elements, and while that may sound paradoxical at first, Dead Cells found a way to make it work, even if it's not perfect. Thanks to its gameplay cycles, it will be possible to build up a sizeable arsenal while repeating procedurally generated levels with plenty of enjoyment and the game's fluid and fun combat system make this an involving and very entertaining experience.

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Link's Awakening returns, this time under the guise of a marvelous-looking game for the Nintendo Switch with plenty of new content, a very improved item system that brings its gameplay to our days, and a higher difficulty level that does wonders for its level of challenge. The new Chamber Dungeon component ends up delivering less than it promised but the overall experience is not affected and this new version of Link's Awakening instantly becomes a new classic and the ultimate incarnation of one of Zelda's most beloved games.

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Nov 14, 2019

Warlock's Tower is a simple-looking but challenge-packed puzzle game that will easily attract players with its level design and fine tuned difficulty. The game will quickly welcome players into its mechanics and even if it's not the most original puzzle game ever made, there's enough here to keep the player with the eyes locked on the Nintendo Switch.

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Under Night In-Birth: EXE Lat [cl-r] doesn't roll off easily but it doesn't mean this is not a wonderful fighting game. Thanks to its array of characters, a fine-tuned combo system (which admittedly can get frustrating at moments) and an eye-popping audiovisual world, this is an experience that easily amounts to the definitive version of this game and which will quickly become a favourite within the competitive fighting game communities.

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