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Aran Suddi has been a game reviewer for over four years, based at TheSixthAxis. He is also the site's co-news editor, bringing as much news as he possibly can to players. Aran's love for gaming began when he received a Sega Mega Drive when he was six years old, and is a fan of all genres though RPGs are his most preferred games.
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10 / 10 - Child of Light
Apr 28, 2014

Child of Light is a joy to behold, with the tale of Aurora and Lemuria very well told. The way the whole experience has been crafted is nothing sort of fantastic, and this could turn out to be a classic. The story, the characters, the battle system, the art, and the music all shine. This is a game that wears its heart on its sleeve while bringing something fresh to the landscape; it's quite divine. I suppose the time has come to score Child of Light then, and I give this game nothing less than a 10/10

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Nov 4, 2016

Football Manager players know what kind of a hold the games get on you. One minute you’re starting a new game, and then you realise hours have passed and you’re shouting at your players to score so they can secure a place in the next round of a cup. Football Manager 2017 is a major step up from last year’s entry, has even more detail in it, and doesn’t relax its grip on players. You’ll smile as your team thumps another, feel miffed when your team loses to weaker opposition, and swear you’ll never play again when you get fired for the team’s poor performance. Yet the new career option tempts you and the cycle begins anew. Football Manager 2017 isn’t just a simulation game, but something that will permeate your life.

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Apr 28, 2017

What Remains of Edith Finch is a short experience, but one of the best that has been released in recent memory. Giant Sparrow rose to prominence with The Unfinished Swan and here the studio has cemented itself as one of the best at constructing narratives intertwined with engaging environments. Both a celebration of life and a commentary on the tragedy of death, What Remains of Edith Finch should be experienced by as many people as possible.

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10 / 10 - Deathloop
Sep 13, 2021

Deathloop is the kind of game that will get in your head and stay there even when you're not playing. Colt is a great protagonist, the intricate environmental design is a dream to explore, and the loop system keeps things fresh and offers so much replayability. Simply put, Deathloop is fantastic.

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9 / 10 - Lost Orbit
May 12, 2015

I found my time with Lost Orbit to be enjoyable, and I wish there was more to it outside of the three hour campaign and time trial mode. The fact that I want more speaks highly of Lost Orbit and how it managed to hold my attention all the way through. The levels are well crafted, the voice acting well done, and the environmental art looks fantastic. There's also an enticing level of challenge, especially if you go for the platinum medals or look to climb the world leaderboards. If you like dodge 'em ups then this is one of the best available, and if you're new to the genre it's a great starting point.

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9 / 10 - Bloodborne
Mar 30, 2015

Overall Bloodborne is a fantastic game and could be considered one of the best exclusives available on the PS4 so far. The gameplay will not be for everyone, with the difficulty and repetition a potential turn off, but if you are looking for a new challenge, Bloodborne is a fantastic choice. The twisted atmosphere of Yharnam, the great design of the monsters, and the fear it can instil within you is something that won't be forgotten in a hurry. There's a time when you realise a game will be revered and spoken of fondly years from now, and Bloodborne will be one of them.

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Apr 10, 2015

Super Mega Baseball is one of the best baseball games out at the moment. Sure it may not be a licensed game like The Show, but the gameplay is as good as the official MLB game. There's a surprising amount of depth within this game, allowing players to build a team how they wish be it focusing on being strong in bat, or having a strong fielding selection. The game's Ego system makes it approachable for all players, and the visual style itself is really appealing. The lack of online is a mark against an otherwise fantastic baseball game.

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9 / 10 - Race The Sun
Oct 30, 2014

Overall Race The Sun is a fantastic endless runner style game, a genre which I'm usually not a fan of. It's incredibly addictive and really taps in to that 'one more go' mentality. I really like the visual style of the game and its minimalist graphics and obstacle design come together nicely. The fact the game also manages to feel fresh everyday due to the changing levels is an added bonus, purely because you don't know what to expect.

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9 / 10 - NBA 2K15
Oct 22, 2014

Overall, NBA 2K15 has come on leaps and bounds from the previous year's game, really fleshing out all the game modes. The MyCareer mode is the best "be a pro" style mode of any sports title, with the voices of NBA stars added for authenticity. The gameplay is much smoother too, and the game just looks great. The loading times do still need work, and hopefully 2K will address that with patches and in next year's NBA game. The server issues also need to be resolved for a better online experience but a new bar has been set for all sports games here.

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9 / 10 - Pix the Cat
Oct 13, 2014

Overall PIX The Cat is incredibly fun and addictive. Every time I said it would be my last go I would also drift to the restart button, and have another go. The art design is really good looking, and just jumps out of the screen in some cases. The music is very well composed too, adding to the overall atmosphere of the game. The only real problem is the small amount of lag from analog input on PS4, which costs time in a game where every second counts. Since the game is currently free on Plus it really is worth playing, though if you do miss the Plus promotion it is worth picking up if you're looking for a modern day Pac Man or Snake, with better presentation.

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