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Lost Orbit

May 12, 2015 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Lost Orbit

It's simple and relatively short, but Lost Orbit's high-speed dodging action is fun while it lasts.

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All in all, Lost Orbit is a winner. At about two to three hours to get through its campaign, it doesn't overstay its welcome, but it can definitely last longer for those who want to go for all the platinum medals. It is only ever as easy or as hard as the player wants it to be, and it does that through smart design rather than by artificial difficulty tweaks. Boiled down to its essence it's a game about dodging obstacles, which isn't exactly an amazing concept. But it takes that concept and runs with it, doing its dodging thing well.

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I found my time with Lost Orbit to be enjoyable, and I wish there was more to it outside of the three hour campaign and time trial mode. The fact that I want more speaks highly of Lost Orbit and how it managed to hold my attention all the way through. The levels are well crafted, the voice acting well done, and the environmental art looks fantastic. There's also an enticing level of challenge, especially if you go for the platinum medals or look to climb the world leaderboards. If you like dodge 'em ups then this is one of the best available, and if you're new to the genre it's a great starting point.

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Indie speed-runner 'Lost Orbit' provides players with a fast-paced space adventure that manages to toe the marginal line between challenge and frustration.

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Lost Orbit is fast-paced, adrenaline-filled fun with a story that, while entertaining, feels like an odd pairing to its gameplay.

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A simple, yet eminently playable dodge em' up vertical scroller, Lost Orbit will suck players in with its tight controls and wonderfully constructed story.

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Its story of unlikely friendship isn't up to par with The Fox and the Hound, just as its attempt at black humour never hits Harold and Maude, but Lost Orbit knows how to give one hell of an adrenaline rush. Speed runners, risk takers, and thrill seekers will all be sorely disappointed to miss out here – but everyone else can pass.

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If you can get past the audio (preferably by simply turning it off), Lost Orbit is fun and occasionally exciting but not particularly original. There are no doubt hundreds of similar games to grind and master every angle, and this one is fine enough but it's not really memorable in a good way. Perhaps one of Null's soliloquies sums it up best: "for a long time I've considered the truth: that it wouldn't matter if I didn't exist."

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