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At age 3, TJ Denzer ran away from his family on a vacation in Colorado. They found him at the local arcade, standing on a chair and playing SNK's World Heroes. Years later, TJ still has an obsessive passion for video games, from the technically sound to the absolutely artistic. When not digging into a game with his wife, he's hunting down good beer to enjoy with bad movies and friends.
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I’ll say it plainly. I love Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. I loved it 10 years ago and I’ve only come to appreciate it more since. I identify with Stephen Stills as talented, but also very sleepy, so I delight in being able to play as him in a game again. Yet for all of my love, it definitely has a tedious grind that might annoy people that aren’t into River City Ransom-style beat’em-ups. That said, with or without the movie or comics it’s based off of, I’d still consider it one of the best-in-class of side-scrolling co-op brawlers

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I feel that when it comes to everything Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has to offer, Respawn Entertainment has gone out of their way to show us that not only does the Medal of Honor franchise still have meaningful life left in it, but there are things this game does that other games can look to as a benchmark of how to deliver a fully fleshed-out and visceral action VR experience.

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Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister is the kind of game I would expect out of this franchise. It’s bloody, visceral, and throws all sorts of enemies at you to cleanse through the mighty judgement of bullet and blade for the Emperor. The campaign is passable and the levels can sometimes feel uninspired with a few notable exceptions, but all of it feels like a vehicle to move you to the next fight. When those fights are up close and personal, Battle Sister sings with slashings and shooting a-plenty. When things get a little more long distance, the seams start to show a little much. That said, if you’re a Warhammer fan or just looking for a mostly solid action VR experience, Warhammer 40K: Battle Sister has more than enough ammunition and sharpened metal to please the Emperor.

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8 / 10 - Empire of Sin
Nov 30, 2020

There’s a lot going on in Empire of Sin. Romero Games and Paradox Interactive build quite a hybrid of business management, character growth, and turn-based combat, and the 1920s Prohibition-era backdrop makes for an interesting story. The gang leaders are varied in so many ways between their business, combat specialties, and personal stories. Meanwhile, the overall flow of business expansion, hostile takeovers, and diplomacy or confrontation with other gangs also makes for a mostly engaging gameplay loop.

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Nov 20, 2020

As far as an action-RPG goes, Demon’s Souls is as tough, but rewarding as I’d expect a Soulborne game would be. Bluepoint did an incredible job of pulling this 2009 title into 2020 and giving all the gloss and polish the PlayStation 5 can wring out of it while still playing perfectly smooth and mostly free of loading.

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is a game no Zelda or Musou fan should pass up.

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8 / 10 - Disc Room
Oct 22, 2020

Disc Room wants to cut you in so many ways. It wants to chew you up, dismantle you, and make you say a swear or 50 creatively woven into the same sentence. It’s bullet hell without the regular therapy of being able to return fire. But for all of those aspects, it's also horribly addicting. The ease of picking up where you left off and trying your darndest to survive just a little bit longer to unlock a room left me putting down my controller, rubbing my head, and then often picking it up to say, “this will be the time I get it. This time.” It’s not a ridiculously long or complex romp. But it also doesn’t really need to be. It knows what it wants to be. It wants to be your murderer. And the only way you’re going to thwart it is by surviving just long enough to open its next doors and beat its myriad of challenges.

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Oct 19, 2020

Amnesia: Rebirth is a solid return to form for Frictional. It has everything I’ve come to expect from the folks behind SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but ups the horror game in meaningful ways appropriate to this particular entry.

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8 / 10 - I Am Dead
Oct 7, 2020

I Am Dead has a very interesting story to tell, a colorful and varied environment in which to tell it, and a very cool way of going about the telling. The use of ghostly powers to explore, but never directly interact with the world, yet still solve puzzles was quite fun and unique. The more I unraveled of the mystery, the more intrigued I was and the more I wanted to know about each of the people presented to me, their lives, their connections, and the island they lived on.

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9 / 10 - Hades
Sep 28, 2020

Whether you’re looking for a challenging action game or just want to enjoy a beautifully illustrated and orchestrated story, Hades might be my preferred recommendation for romps through Hell.

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