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Dec 4, 2017

This is Skyrim, the same epic adventure you remember from 2011. What VR adds is a total level of immersion. From the fierce battles with trolls to close encounters with spiders, fights have never felt more engaging. If you have a PSVR you owe it to yourself to dive back into the land of Tamriel.

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Oct 26, 2017

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War like its predecessor is built upon the dynamic "Nemesis System." While the sequel offers an interesting story, it often becomes convoluted between the various arcs it wants to go in. Thankfully, the second by second gameplay has never felt better. With the addition of Shadow Wars, the best parts of the game will continue long after the story ends.

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9 / 10.0 - Splatoon 2
Aug 7, 2017

Splatoon 2 brings back everything fun about the original and adds an awesome new horde mode to top it all off.The only thing holding this game back is Nintendo's perplexing decision to hide new content away from players for weeks at a time.

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Apr 11, 2017

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is more of the same classic simulator that has been around since the SNES. A few minor additions put this iteration near the top of my Story of Seasons / Bokujō Monogatari rankings but the lack of innovation keeps it from raising the bar.

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Feb 19, 2017

While this is a different spin on the tide and true Dynasty Warriors format, it works splendidly. The tactical nature of each battle is well represented and perfect for Sony's portable system.

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Feb 15, 2017

While the story is lacking, the deep dungeons and intense strategy kept me coming back for more.

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