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Kaveh Eskandari

Iran, Tabriz
We are fragile

Favorite Games:
  • Morrowind
  • Skyrim
  • Dragon Age: Origins

34 games reviewed
77.1 average score
80 median score
55.9% of games recommended

Kaveh Eskandari's Reviews

Currently Game Reviewer and Article editor at www.bazicenter.com
7 / 10 - Conan Exiles
May 21, 2018

Conan Exiles is dated and full of bugs, but it's also very fun due to a good story and huge amount of contents, and if you can overlook its many technical issues, you might end up having a great time playing it.

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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is an extraordinary RPG experience with tons of content and a very unique setting that only falls short of greatness due to some technical and pacing issues.

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6 / 10 - Extinction
Apr 12, 2018

Extinction is full of wasted potential, and while some ideas and gameplay mechanics might be interesting at first, almost none of them are executed properly. Good visuals and some platforming fun are all that Extinction can offer.

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Mar 24, 2018

Into the Breach is a prime example that shows no matter the budget, not matter the technology, no matter the graphics, you can always make a great game if you have that wonderful idea. Focusing solely on gameplay at the expense of everything else, Into the Breach is just one of the most entertaining games you've ever experienced.

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7.2 / 10.0 - Lost Sphear
Mar 7, 2018

Generally, Lost Sphear is exactly what it looks like. A modern game based on good old titles which present nothing new. However, as it benefits from good gameplay and heavy content – 24-hour story gameplay –, Lost Sphear can be an appropriate experience for all fans of role-playing games.

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Feb 16, 2018

Crossing Soul manages to convey the 80's atmosphere it aims for and while being far from a complete game due to its gameplay problems, succeeds in offering a unique charming experience.

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7 / 10 - ELEX
Dec 6, 2017

Elex's technical issues prevent it from reaching its full potential. But despite those issues, a great world design and a dark and compelling story make it a worthy addition to every RPG fan's shelves. There's surely lots of fun waiting for you in Malagan.

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8 / 10 - Prey
Jun 17, 2017

Mix in Dishonored, System Shock, Death Space and Deus Ex, and you have a new game named Prey! And although it suffers from some underdeveloped gameplay mechanics and lack of weapons, if you give it time, it’ll give you satisfaction.

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May 16, 2017

Expeditions: Viking may not be the best choice for casual gamers. But if you can take your time and learn through its detailed world and complicated rules, you’ll enjoy it very much and for a very long time.

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May 4, 2017

Blackwood Crossing’s marvelous, deep and touching story overcomes the fact that it is full of bugs and very short. It’s hard to find another adventure experience like Blackwood Crossing.

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8 / 10 - Rain World
Apr 4, 2017

Rain World might suffer from poor controls, challenging difficulty level, and some bad gameplay mechanics, but if you are patient enough, you'll enjoy it.

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Mar 6, 2017

If you are a new comer to the RPG genre, or if you are not old-school enough, Torment: Tides of Numenera may very well frustrate you. But for a hardcore fan of classic RPGs, one that is patient and enjoys reading, it's the perfect option.

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8 / 10 - Halo Wars 2
Feb 21, 2017

Halo Wars 2's RTS mechanics are not even close to being as good and deep as PC titles, but on console level those mechanics are so accessible and easy to learn that raises the bar for console RTS titles and shows that Halo universe has a great potential in other genres too.

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Feb 2, 2017

Despite a few setbacks, 8-bit invaders brings back the joyful memories of classic real time strategy games and if you are a fan of the genre, you'll probably enjoy it.

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