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Content creator at Press-Start. Balancing between a career in video game journalism and independent filmmaking, Mehdi has a passion for deep storytelling and political commentary. Next to gaming and film, Mehdi spends his remaining free time in graphic design and writing, often about his personal experiences.
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Aug 28, 2014

In the end inFAMOUS: First Light lacks a bit of variety in its main game, but considering its low retail price and form of delivery the game does seem to be worth the money if you're a fan of the franchise or are genuinely interesting in this form of gameplay.

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7 / 10 - The Sims 4
Sep 7, 2014

The Sims 4 may not feel complete in some aspects, and those coming from The Sims 3 may not feel at home with some of the gameplay elements, but The Sims 4 is still a decent game on its own.

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9 / 10 - FIFA 15
Sep 25, 2014

FIFA 15 is a well-formed successor, and excels in both gameplay and graphical departments, resulting in a well fabricated product that is both visually pleasing and fun to play. The game contains some glitches and issues as the franchise has always tended to do, but none of these issues take away from the great design and the major improvements that have been made. Much of the formula of FIFA 15 is the same, but pretty much all of it is better. FIFA 15 is a must have for FIFA fans and soccer enthusiasts alike.

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Oct 14, 2014

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor may be one of the biggest surprises this year so far. Offering incredibly robust and fun gameplay, along with a detailed world of lore and characters this title doesn't only have the right to be called a great Lord of the Rings game, but a great game in its own right. Its only drawback is that it may be held back somewhat in favour of cross-generation programming.

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Nov 9, 2014

With Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer Games has proven that it can stand on its own legs when developing a Call of Duty title. The game introduces some new and fun concepts, and is a step in the right direction. The game has made leaps forward in a lot of departements, but there are still ways to go when it comes to software design. Ultimately Advanced Warfare is a great title worth playing, but a troubled one none the less.

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Nov 16, 2014

Assassin’s Creed: Unity is an evolution of the franchise’s core in every way, but its next step into the next generation is a problematic one. Whilst Unity offers an amazing environment, great gameplay and a great atmosphere, its technical issues hold this good game from being great. Unity may not be the most stable and technically-refined title on current generation hardware, but once you overlook technical difficulties and its lackluster narrative, you'll without a doubt have an amazing time with it.

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Nov 24, 2014

Rockstar's current-generation release of Grand Theft Auto V doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does improve it to a state where we can definitely call if the definitive edition on consoles. Its graphical and gameplay improvements make the game a much better product overall, and Rockstar seems to have put a lot of work into this rendition rather than delivering a straight port. It remains to be seen whilst remaining players will want to upgrade to this version, but newcomers will definitely be in for a delight. Its only drawback is the fact that GTA Online seems a tad bit lacking at times and doesn't always perform as it should, which puts this game at a hair-length from a perfect score.

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Jan 18, 2015

LittleBigPlanet 3 may not be perfect on a technical level, but the story and amazing level editing tools are pretty amazing once you get the hang of it. The game has a little bit in it for everyone, and there simply aren't that many games that nail the Play.Create.Share concept as much as LittleBigPlanet.

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From a narrative standpoint, Dead Kings is one of the lesser iterations in the franchise, even considering it's only downloadable content. However, when it comes to gameplay and graphics the DLC seems to provide a fair amount of fun and intuitive gameplay that will keep fans busy for a short while longer.

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Feb 8, 2015

Grim Fandango has a style of gameplay that isn't for everyone, but if you're into that sort of thing, or if you're simply riding along for the story, you're in for a great and well-written adventure that is certainly worth the price of admission.

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