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Wesley Copeland

Fortnite's stylish looks and risk-taking ideas are what's made it into the powerhouse you know today. Mention Fortnite to kids anywhere and they'll probably know what you're on about. In emulating pop culture with its meme-like dances and Pixar-good-looks, Fortnite has became pop culture itself.

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IBTimes UK
Wesley Copeland
Apr 4, 2017

It's difficult to recommend Yooka-Layee to adults let alone the children this game is aimed at. The unbalanced challenge it presents and the lack of in-game direction is sure to infuriate. You could argue kids of this generation could play the game alongside a YouTube video for help, but why should any game need to be played alongside a video guide? The first three-hours of Yooka-Layee are delightful, but after that the experience quickly sours. Playtonic's ode to platformers past should have been something special, but instead it's a reminder why video games have evolved, and why quality over quantity should be the first decree in every developer's rulebook.

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