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May 4, 2016

You can't help but think of what could've been. Throughout its entire course, Star Fox Zero feels the need to keep reminding you to recalibrate your motion controls or to not forget how to aim using the GamePad. Almost as if it needs to justify the existence of motion controls in this game, as if they absolutely needed to be there, when in reality, this probably would've been a more enjoyable experience without it, and in turn, a much better game.

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94% - Fallout 4
Nov 17, 2015

Combine that with the level of exploration, and you have something you're going to be playing for a long time. The devil is in the detail, and as soon as you boot up the game, you can clearly see the outstanding level of detail everywhere you look. I went into the game knowing almost exactly what to expect and that's what I got, plus some nice surprises. There are plenty of bugs that you can run into but from my own personal experience, they are bearable enough to not mind them too much. Think of this game as an upgrade to the Fallout series, rather than an evolution, and you'll find almost nothing wrong with it. Fallout 4 is an amazing open-world experience that every gamer needs to experience. It delivers on everything it promised and just a bit more.

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Mar 23, 2015

When all is said and done, Resident Evil Revelations 2 takes the franchise in the right direction. There are plenty of suspenseful set pieces to keep you entertained throughout the entire game, and the focus on teamwork is refreshing. It's just a shame about the lack of online co-op. As a survival horror game, it doesn't add much to the genre but as a Resident Evil game, it changes up quite a bit of things to keep the series fresh and relevant, which is something it desperately needed.

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85 / 100 - Pushmo World
Jun 5, 2014

With hundreds of puzzles to keep you occupied for hours, Pushmo World is a wonderful experience, if only a bit familiar.

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