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4.5 / 10.0 - Zombotron
Apr 24, 2019

In my time playing Zombotron I experienced some really high ups, but also very annoying downs. I really love the aesthetic this game is going for and I think the gameplay is really fun once you give it time and become acclimated to it. The first run through the spaceship is really fun. I enjoyed getting more comfortable with the weapons I had and progressing through the rooms filled with a combination of aliens and zombies was a blast. Once I hit that first boss though, I instantly stopped having fun with the game and it honestly went downhill from there. The experience with the bosses really soured any goodwill I had towards this game. Without them, it’s not bad. I just cannot overlook how aggravating the experience with them is.

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Jan 28, 2019

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is a diamond in the rough. It is very enjoyable in some aspects, but has not aged well in others. Remastering the game further to correct some issues with the game would have went a far way into making this a better experience.

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5.5 / 10.0 - BELOW
Dec 29, 2018

We really wanted to enjoy Below. We wanted a gripping indie game to suck us in and get us lost in its world, but overall all we gained from this was a headache and a loss of breath from sighing in discontent. If you like hard games just because of a challenge, give it a try. If you want a worthwhile experience though, you might want to look somewhere else.

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