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For the first few hours I've always wondered, "What am I actually playing here?", And now after about 40 hours, I still wonder somehow. Caligula Effect is a typical NIS game. Not really outstanding, but it really does not do anything wrong. The story is quite interesting in itself, but it is told very slowly. We fight each other from boss to boss, but the way there is laborious. The dungeons are huge and felt they are getting bigger and eventually comes the point where you have to visit old dungeons again. A dungeon is divided into several areas and you should of course initially explore everything, but eventually you just do not feel like. Each dungeon has its own design, but they are not very interesting. The same textures are used throughout and nothing new is coming. The fights are harmless or merciless, depending on the level of difficulty you play. Fortunately, on Normal I was able to put on car, so the party plays by itself (except our character, we always have to steer him), otherwise the fights would take longer. One should not be averse to the soundtrack, for a JRPG typical we also have corresponding fight music. We have an average JRPG here, otherwise I would not have spent more than 40 hours here.

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Mar 7, 2019

What a hell of a game! It does not just look damn good, it also plays that way! The fights are fast and easy to learn and we always get new weapons or skills. Nero, V and Dante all play completely different and occasionally you even have the choice of which characters you like to play, at these levels then this wannabe multiplayer is used, the idea is nice, but it would not have been necessary since the others Usually, players only see from a distance and you are busy with demons, or with the camera, especially with the small jump'n'run inserts, the camera is weakening. If you then go through the about 10 hour campaign, you unlock a new level of difficulty, can play the levels that you have previously played with another character, again to see what happened there and that's basically. Story is okay, but let's face it, fighting is just so cool that everything else becomes trivial.

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Feb 14, 2019

Metro on the surface ... is that still metro? Of course, after all, it is called Metro Exodus (lt excerpt). I have not played such a good story shooter for a long time. In the previous parts you were only allowed to surface for a short time, but in Exodus we leave the ground and explore the irradiated surface of Russia. Of course, Russia is not yet cleared of radiation, but here and there it is less strong, which makes the area no less dangerous. Bandits, mutants, demons ... evil has many names and forms. But what makes Metro so special? On the one hand, the story, which has taken me quite a bit towards the end, the survival aspect, that one must always keep an eye on filters, medicine packs and ammunition, some thrills in the shafts of the Metro, the darkness, a little bit of horror, not too much, just right. This mix makes Metro really special. And what you must not forget, karma. The game remembers whether we are peacefully coping with the game, or riveting everything that comes our way, and this also has an effect on the end, which in turn increases the counter-value. I went quite neutral to Metro Exodus and I'm really excited!

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