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4 / 10 - Bird Game +
May 7, 2019

Despite looking moderately eye-catching in screenshots, Bird Game + ultimately proves to be the game that its title suggests: a bland and frustrating experience in search of an identity. The concept has potential, but a lack of polish and focus means it never really leaves the ground.

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May 21, 2019

Nippon Ichi Software has hit a great formula that avoids the worst excesses of repetition or frustration. An addictive mix of 2D exploration and combat, Lapis x Labyrinth is a cavalcade of colour and complex systems that doesn't outstay its welcome through a sizeable 20-hour campaign.

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May 28, 2019

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats invites comparisons with the Nintendogs series with its structure and overall presentation. However, once you've enjoyed petting your fill of digital 'good bois', you'll be left marvelling at how little there is to do even compared to that most lightweight (though fondly remembered) of Nintendo offerings.

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6 / 10 - Terratech
May 29, 2019

At the core of TerraTech is an extensive mechanical construction kit that presents an interesting canvas for creative players. However, the Switch's significant UI shortcomings, a cumbersome console control scheme, and a limited-feeling campaign will ensure that only persistent players stick around long enough to find the fun.

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8 / 10 - Timespinner
Jun 4, 2019

Gorgeous to behold and equally delightful to play, Timespinner is yet another top-notch Metroidvania on Switch. A lack of tough exploration challenges and an under-utilised time-freeze gimmick aside, it succeeds in using the popular genre as a vehicle for a genuinely intriguing science-fantasy tale that will motivate players to explore every inch of its fantastic pixel-art world.

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Jun 9, 2019

Super Skelemania is a passable – if mostly superfluous – effort in a sea of similar games. The satisfying movement mechanics you uncover ensure that the hour you spend playing won't feel wasted, but whether you'll feel compelled to pick it up again – or if you soon struggle to recall ever having played it in the first place – is another matter. Nonetheless, there are certainly less competent, and more cynical releases to filter through on the eShop.

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