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Oct 20, 2019

The Trine series, born back in 2009 from the Frozenbyte production company, has captured the attention of the public with its puzzle version of the Platform. But this is not the only peculiarity of this video game: what has struck most is in fact the possibility of using different characters with their specific skills. Who has never played the previous chapters does not have to worry, the chapters almost always start from a new adventure.

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Mar 17, 2019

The main track of introduction to the menu is the wonderful song of the first film, to which there are several references throughout the video game. Too bad not to find the complete edition of the song called: "The song that stays in your head" (Catchy song).

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Feb 14, 2019

Mario never disappoints, if you are abstinence from a 2D platformer in pure Nintendo style. Or if you are waiting for Super Mario Maker on Nintendo Switch and it still hasn't arrived. If you want to play Super Mario in portable mode in addition to what you have on your smartphone. Well New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is for you, the purchase is definitely a must for fans, a title that will give us hours and hours of fun without being too flat or 2D.

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7.8 / 10.0 - Just Cause 4
Jan 31, 2019

The gameplay of Just Cause 4 is always the same with the inevitable grapple and a rich arsenal that will allow you to indulge in a gunplay that always has a certain solidity.

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Jan 3, 2019

In Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, after many years the gameplay is always current; the controller, whether for PS4 or for Xbox One, responds to perfection and technical changes have not suffered any loss of characteristic of the previous version.

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