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May 27, 2020

This version of Saints Row: The Third is really short on improvements, there is some better lighting and textures here and there but the overall experience doesn't really feel that "remastered" and the gameplay feels very outdated by today's industry standards for the newcomers to the series.

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7.8 / 10.0 - Fury Unleashed
May 17, 2020

Fury Unleashed is an intense action/rogue-lite game with a lot of weird and different enemies and bosses from many places and eras.It also has a surprisingly heartfelt story about self doubt and artists and it's core gameplay and mechanics are everything you'd expect from a game of this genre.

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10 / 10.0 - Persona 5 Royal
Mar 17, 2020

Aside from any additional content, Persona 5 is one of the best games of this generation; A game that elevated the JRPG genre and made the Persona series the king of it. Now Royal has turned this gem into a better version of itself and this is enough reason to experience this version. Persona 5 Royal deserves the highest amount of praise and recognition.

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Feb 26, 2020

Undoubtedly, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is one of the best and most complete fighting games of this generation; Exactly what it should have been in the beginning but didn't get to be due to Capcom's policies which didn't let the game to have more time to develop. But Capcom is now completely different from then, it stayed true to its word and supported the game up until now and has managed to give a new life to the 5th installment of one of the oldest and most popular fighting series of all time.

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Jan 18, 2020

We expected more from this but the sheer amount of technical issues and a lack of risk taking and new ideas made this to be the Star Wars we were not looking for.

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Nov 5, 2019

Modern Warfare is a strong comeback for Call of Duty. Combination of its appealing campaign with its diverse and one of a kind multiplayer has brought the most valuable Call of Duty for the players in years.

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9.2 / 10.0 - The Outer Worlds
Nov 2, 2019

The Outer Worlds is exactly the game we were waiting for all these years, it captures the essence of RPG so well, and reminds us why Fallout: New Vegas is so loved even to this day.

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Oct 25, 2019

Monkey King: Hero Is Back is a game that uses outdated mechanics alongside a very simple and childish gameplay. Although you can finish the game in a few hours, it still gets boring and painful to play and Its somewhat interesting story and lovely characters can't stop it from being a failure.

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Oct 3, 2019

Breakpoint, in its nature has an interesting and enjoyable gameplay that unfortunately hasn't been well integrated in the world of the game. Tiresome side quests, depthless and cliche story, forgettable characters and various technical issues doesn't let the game offer a refreshing experience for the players. However, lack of competitive and strong titles in tactical shooter genre is the reason for this series to become the only option for the fans of this genre. Abundance of shameless microtransactions is another reason to reduce the experience for the players to the lowest amount possible.

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7.9 / 10.0 - FIFA 20
Sep 29, 2019

Overall, FIFA 20 is a complete paradox; It's the game it should be and we were expecting to be, a game that still needs work when it comes to its core gameplay elements but at the same time is fun and entertaining. Adding Volta (FIFA Street) to the game is the best new feature FIFA 20 has to offer, but still the game suffers from many issues that are irritating for the players.

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