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ION LANDS, Maple Whispering Limited
Apr 23, 2020 - PC

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Cloudpunk - Launch Trailer

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Cloudpunk - Launch Date Reveal Trailer

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Cloudpunk - Trailer 2 (Rania and Control)

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Critic Reviews for Cloudpunk


No Recommendation / Blank

Cloudpunk offers a beautiful city to explore, but unfortunately there's not much to discover there once you delve deeper.

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The story has some issues, but this vast, beautiful city is a joy to take flight in.

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Cloudpunk is a neon-doused celebration of cyberpunk style that occasionally obscures the story it wants to tell.

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6.5 / 10.0

You largely get what it says on the box, but Cloudpunk would have benefited from more compelling gameplay and a more focused story. It's not that it's badly designed or horribly written, it just doesn't quite reach the clouds.

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Cloudpunk delivers the look and feel of a cyberpunk city, it just doesn't fill the city with anything of interest. The story is okay and there's some side conversations to keep you amused, but once the novelty of driving around Nivalis wears off, you'll recognise that this is a game made entirely of fetch quests. The city looks gorgeous, it's just a shame it doesn't have more attractions.

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IGN Spain

Elena G.
8 / 10.0
IGN Spain

A very promising indie with a gameplay in which freedom, and relaxation will prevail. Encounters with very curious characters, IAs with very questionable decisions and plots of corruption and allegory of the human condition and technological escalation. An interesting game to get lost in.

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From its striking visuals and atmospheric soundtrack, to its fantastic storytelling, Cloudpunk really is a one-of-a-kind Cyberpunk experience.

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Cloudpunk started off unique and interesting; you're new to its world and are exploring it alongside the main character, Rania. Eventually, you'll realize it's only a cyberpunk delivery simulator with cringey voice acting and an even worse script. By that point, the game loses any redeemable qualities and becomes a burden to play. Just like the main character, and the mechanics, the game has little to no substance to offer.

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