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6.5 / 10.0 - Disintegration
Jul 1, 2020

Disintegration is built upon an intriguing idea. Although the final product does not satisfy our expectations as it should, but perhaps with spending a little bit more passion and time towards the game in its post-launch state by the developers, so that the accessibility of the game, especially when it comes to separate unit control, is improved, we might have a better game

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8.5 / 10.0 - Beyond Blue
Jun 26, 2020

Beyond Blue is definitely not the first game that tries to reconcile us with science and our planet using videogame methods, but undoubtedly, is one of the best. This does not mean that this game is flawless, but it is an actual step forward. While the game’s ocean is not as alive and responsive as it should be, the characters and the narrative are astonishingly alive and believable, and can definitely teach us how to be human

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Jun 23, 2020

Atlantis cannot be deemed a real DLC. Yes, it does give us new places to explore and new mobs to kill, but the total amount of time that you spend in these new places, even taking side quests into account, is just equal to “One” quest. The story is not compelling and in the best case scenario, Atlantis is just one long quest in the world of Titan Quest. Maybe if it had better optimization, you could’ve said that the time you spent exploring it was worth it, but the crowded environment and horrendous frame drops, deprives us even of enjoyment of exploring some of these new places

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Jun 6, 2020

Playing old school games can be a lot more satisfying than playing modern games, for many people. Now, imagine that one of those games that goes more than 10 years back, gets a new DLC and recreate those nostalgic feelings all over again. Ragnarok is a dream come true. Of course, it would’ve been better if the developers released a more stable game with a better plot after this long time; but all in all, Titan Quest: Ragnarok is not a bad DLC and can definitely entertain you until its end, or even several times

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8.5 / 10.0 - Deep Rock Galactic
May 12, 2020

If we were to define a range, and then define Deep Rock Galactic using that range, we would have Minecraft on one side, and Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor on the other. Deep Rock Galactic is a game very similar, yet very different game from these two extremes. If you grab freedom of choice and action of Minecraft, mix it with some Objective-based gameplay from Left 4 Dead and add the theme of survival but not a lot; As a result, you’ll be experiencing Deep Rock Galactic – An exemplary combination of teamwork and free playstyle, which is executed optimally and has a scent of Dwarven sarcasm. Although, due to essential differences DRG has with the extremes of its range, this title can be a Hit-or-Miss, even for those who absolutely love Co-Op games. The biggest difference is the lack of a grand purpose and a final goal for the players

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