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Oct 25, 2021

Everything about Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy could have gone terribly wrong, instead, it delivers one of the most surprising and entertaining games this year.

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Recommended - Metroid Dread
Oct 6, 2021

There’s a reason we’ve classified an entire genre of games as Metroidvania – the queen cannot be toppled, and Metroid Dread is a shining example of how the original is always better.

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Oct 2, 2021

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 has some interesting ideas and an exciting backdrop but it won’t be for everyone. The game's battle system has is decent but lacks the depth that makes actually playing the game memorable.

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Recommended - Astria Ascending
Sep 29, 2021

An exciting battle system paired with gorgeous visuals will pull players in. Astria Ascending has the makings of a classic JRPG but falls short with forgettable storytelling and a bad English dub.

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Recommended - Hot Wheels Unleashed
Sep 27, 2021

Hot Wheels Unleashed is boisterous, fast, frenetic, and surprisingly addictive. It's clear the developer put a lot of care into the finer details paired with a deep track creator, high level of customization, and accessible driving.

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Sep 24, 2021

Kena: Bridge of Spirits harkens back to classic game design, offering a visually appealing and satisfying experience.

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Sep 23, 2021

Death Stranding Director's Cut improves the flow of the campaign considerably by cutting down on a lot of the grind. If you've never played the original, you'll find a truly bizarre experience only made possible by the mind of Hideo Kojima.

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Recommended - TOEM
Sep 14, 2021

TOEM is satisfying and engaging, packed with charm, wit, and goofiness. While it's a short experience, TOEM will stay with you even after you've stopped playing it, and that right there is a rare thing these days.

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Sep 12, 2021

F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch may share similar elements of the Metroidvania genre, but TiGames has meticulously created its own unique spin to great success. Offering a challenging, rewarding, and ultimately fun experience, the game is a blast from start to finish thanks to succinct combat and well-executed exploration. Packed with tons of details and smart design choices, Rayton’s story may be familiar but the experience is exciting all the same.

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Sep 8, 2021

Life is Strange: True Colors features a strong cast with even stronger performances. Taking around ten hours to complete, the story starts off strong but loses its balance before regaining stability towards the end of the game. Learning what led to the death of her brother Gabe comes with the cost of some heavy discoveries and playing as Alex, you’ll need to make some important choices — ones that felt like they made a difference.  However, technical mishaps and frame rate issues hinder the experience.

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