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Skyward Sword HD is enough of a Zelda game that fans of the series will still have a good time playing it. With a strong story and characters that stand out, there is still fun to be had despite the god awful controls that do their best to ruin what would’ve been an outstanding game had it adhered to traditional gameplay mechanics.

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8 / 10.0 - Chivalry 2
Jul 5, 2021

Overall, the game is pretty fun if you’re into medieval warfare and have fantasies of being a knight in such a battle. The battle modes didn’t feel like it’s dragging or taking too long. There is always that feeling of urgency to get the objectives done and the game takes you back into action with a respawn so you don’t just sit around waiting. What’s also good is that when a match ends, it queues you up to another game so you can get back into it. So if you’re looking to blowing off some steam and just want to hack and slash people and release all that tension that’s brewing inside of you, then Chivalry II is right up your alley.

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7 / 10.0 - Call of the Sea
Jun 9, 2021

Call of the Sea is a relatively short game, coming in at around 5-6 hours playtime, but it does seem to drag on a little towards the end as the puzzles become more and more complex. The story is a captivating mystery romance, in which Lovecraftian twists and turns keep you more than engaged. Fantastic world building and stellar voice acting allow it to stand out amongst other puzzle games, but clunky mechanics and overly complex puzzles prevent it from being a truly great experience.

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May 22, 2021

While Village doesn’t reinvent the wheel in the way its predecessor did, it serves as an important stabilizer for the series. It puts Resident Evil on steady ground for the future—one I can’t wait to see.

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May 15, 2021

Overall, Hood: Outlaws and Legends is a decent game at a good price ($29.99/£25). The concept of it is far better on paper than the actual experience. The nature of online play means matches are not always going to play out the way the developers hoped they would, but it is definitely still worth a try, especially if you have some buddies you can play online with, which would definitely improve the experience and ensure you get a bit more bang for your buck.

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