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Owner/Writer combo at Gameffine. Love me some RPG, FPS, and WWE games in that order. Have been called a Sony fanboi. Completely ok with that.
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Nov 25, 2021

See Battlefield 2042 does alright at most of what it strives to do. Today however, a multiplayer only game, coming from a huge publisher, with AAA budget and pricing, it’s just not enough. We have seen it in Far Cry 6, we have seen it with Call Of Duty Vanguard. Just maintaining the status quo isn’t enough any longer.

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Recommended - WWE 2K22
Mar 17, 2022

WWE2K22 is a solid entry into the Wrestling sim ecosystem, but things have changed. AEW is coming out with their own Wrestling sim this year, and WWE2K22 will have a legit competitor in more than a decade. It’s definitely the best wrestling game in the last 3 years, but will it be the best wrestling game this year?

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