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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchAug 7, 2020

Developer: eSolutions

Publisher: eSolutions Nordic

Genres: Puzzle, Strategy

The game builds on the concept of Sokoban puzzles, where objects need to be moved to reach the exit. Make your way to the exit by pushing rows of blocks around. Each row of the same color is connected and can only by pushed horizontally. The goal is to get the character from the left side of the room to the right side by pushing rows of blocks. * Lots of levels to keep you busy when you need a break now and then. * Start easy and work your way up to harder levels. * Undo when you make a wrong move, useful for newbies. * Puzzling levels that challenges your brain muscles. * Climb the Leaderboard and earn bragging rights.

MazezaM Critic Reviews

There was a time I remember vividly that games just like MazezaM were enough. But I don’t think everyone will feel that way when playing this title. Somewhere though I like to picture there’s a gamer, possibly elderly, enjoying this title on their sofa. And they are smiling. Underneath the simple graphics and questionable design decisions is a decent puzzle game. But there is little to make this stand out from the crowd and draw in your attention. Only the die hard puzzle fans may want to seek this one out.

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