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General Information

Available on:PCMay 18, 2020

Developer: NerveQuake Software Inc.

Genre: Action

Classic ‘90s aesthetics, inspired by Genesis and DOS Shareware games. Combine any two weapon power-ups into an even deadlier hybrid. Learn how to juggle your combo. Shoot, teleport, kick, and master a variety of powerful tide-turning consumable items. Replay earlier levels to gather resources, but beware - enemies grow stronger with time. VECTORLORD brings some modern twists to old-school difficulty. Players only have a limited number of lives to complete the game with (run out and it’s Game Over for that save file), and each successive life purchased costs more. Players have a safety net to fall back on, taking inspiration from modern classics like Dark Souls; players can restore lost lives by reclaiming them up from where they fell. As intense as that sounds, VECTORLORD offers multiple difficulty settings, plus options to tone down the neon glow for photosensitive players.

Vectorlord Reviews

Vectorlord is good. The twin-stick mechanics remain solid, and it doesn't feel out of place since the game pairs this with old-school automatic vertical scrolling. The attack system is deep for a shooter of this type, and while the various mechanics do their best to challenge your progress, it isn't overdone to the point where it feels unfair. For genre fans, this is an absolutely solid pick-up.

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