Radical Relocation

Winglett Entertainment, Iceberg Interactive

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Radical Relocation

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 31, 2020

Developer: Winglett Entertainment

Publisher: Iceberg Interactive

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

IN A WORLD MILDLY INCONVENIENCED BY A LACK OF MOVING COMPANIES, YOU HAVE TO MOVE HOUSE... Stack and balance your furniture on top of 24 different vehicles - then drop, crack, break, and shatter all your belongings and try again. All the puzzles are physics-based, so you can put your real-life experience to the test! So you’ve mastered the dependable, durable box? Pfft. Child’s play! Try a basketball hoop on top of a piano on top of a kitchen sink on top of a BBQ! With a huge range of destructible furniture available; no two levels are the same! Solid stacking isn’t enough - you’ll need skilful driving too. Avoid the horrors of a beautiful low-poly suburbia and its bordering waters; dangerous jet skis, dastardly garbage cans, and deceptive potholes all seek to thwart your attempts at moving house! You now have a future in the moving industry. Good luck.

Radical Relocation Critic Reviews

At the end of the day there is a huge amount of content here, and everything is extremely replayable due to the open-ended nature of the gameplay (not to mention an unexpected sandbox mode). So, if you're up for an addicting experience that meshes puzzles, driving/boating/piloting and balancing acts into a single creative concoction, I'd definitely recommend Radical Relocation.

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Radical Relocation is a great time waster, it can be played for a bit and picked up again later. The variety of levels and vehicles give the game a lot of replayability. It’s fun to try and arrange furniture and hope it won’t fall down. The gameplay is great, but there were various bugs that popped up while playing it. Despite the issues, it’s a fun and unique game.

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Radical Relocation Trailer | 2020 PC Indie Game

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