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Johnny Rocket

Restless Corp, KG Game Studuo, HEDE
Nov 12, 2018 - Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S
Video Chums
2 / 5
Complete Xbox
2.5 / 10
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Johnny Rocket - Official Gameplay Xbox Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Johnny Rocket

Although Johnny Rocket looks like an entertaining indie, its gameplay is plagued with frustration that will turn your smile upside-down.

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Johnny Rocket is a game to be avoided at all costs. It’s short, frustrating, cheap and full of questionable design. Cheap and unpreventable enemy attacks, questionable detection issues, unresponsive jumping, boring bosses, zero replay value, the only redeeming quality about the game is its unique visual presentation. I guess it’s something right? Given the amount of better run n’ gun available, don’t waste your time with Johnny Rocket.

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Johnny Rocket has some really charming aesthetics to it, but the game is super short and not too engaging.

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