Genshin Impact

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8.5 / 10.0
Pros: + Very fun exploration + Great gameplay + Huge world filled with content + Co-op mode + Gorgeous art style Cons: - Not enough enemy variety - Grinding for story progress - Slow traversal - Monetization Narrative: ?/10 Gameplay: 8/10 Content: 10/10 Characters: 7/10 Music: 8/10 Art Style: 9/10 Final Rating: 8.5/10 - Really Great - Genshin Impact is the best free-to-play
Date Reviewed:
Oct 27, 2020
Hours Played: 77
Beat the Game: Yes
Platform: PS4
Social Play: Played mostly solo
5 / 10
While the graphics are impressively smooth, the fact that all characters look like 12 year old girls (even the boys) really does raise the question of where the line is drawn. The other main downslide is the absolute inflexibility to change the control keys, which is strange because in settings it appears as though you CAN, but in fact you CANT, which limits the ability for
Date Reviewed:
Oct 12, 2020
Hours Played: 5
Beat the Game: No
Platform: PC
Fan of the Genre: Yes
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