Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny

Orange, Orange

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Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Sep 24, 2020
PCSep 23, 2020
Nintendo SwitchSep 24, 2020
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: Orange

Publisher: Orange

Genre: Adventure

Can she, a maid in an earl's household, change the fate of the lord she serves? An original mystery game, developed by Orange--creator of many mystery ADVs, such as the "Jake Hunter Detective Story" series. In each chapter, tragedy will befall our heroine, unless the player can stop them. There are five incidents to solve. STORY Our story begins in early 20th-century England, at the manor of an eminent earl. Our heroine, a maid at this manor, often has dreams that foretell the death of the people around her. Her latest dream, has warned her that the life of the lord she serves is in danger. As the manor buzzes with talks over the inheritance and will of the previous earl, a terrifying and sinister plot unfurls... In order to save her lord's life, our heroine, with the information her dream has given her, races to find out the truth-- SYSTEM DESCRIPTION - Examine the manor and formulate your reasoning based on the information you collect. Simple, intuitive controls will help you solve the mystery. - If your reasoning fails, the lord's deadly fate is sealed. If you can help him survive, a secret love awaits...? - It's a game that anyone can easily enjoy and experience all kinds of excitement.

Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny Critic Reviews

Visual novels offer players a great story and easy gameplay, and Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny has joined their ranks. This game promises a whirlwind ride of intrigue and lies, as our young protagonist, Ellie, desperately tries to save the new earl from a grisly fate. But can she unravel the clues in time? With a feather duster in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other, let’s jump into this review of Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny.

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The villain deserved a lot more screen time. By the end of the game, there was an overwhelming amount of intriguing narrative threads the game did not manage to go into enough detail on. The amount of material presented here makes me crave even more hours of the game — it was a thoroughly engaging and exciting time, but I simply want more Ewen.

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Gothic Murder: Adventure that Changes Destiny is the sort of adventure game you play when you need a break between massive games. It’s a reprieve that will make you think, but isn’t terribly taxing. Its story is also interesting enough, with a heroine who exhibits both common sense and intelligence.

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