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The Last Days

Ocean Media , Ocean Media
Oct 1, 2020 - Nintendo Switch
Pure Nintendo
4 / 10
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Critic Reviews for The Last Days

Given my fondness for hidden object adventures, I found a smidge of entertainment with The Last Days' story elements. It's a bit of a bush-league release overall, though, and the port has some evident issues. So, unless it gets a patch, I struggle to recommend to all but big genre enthusiasts.

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The Last Days was a huge disappointment. A sorely lacklustre story, complete lack of characters, sadly limited variation of puzzles, and utterly average graphics and sound resulted in a very neutral experience. It also only lasted an hour, and while I normally hate to make this statement, I have to call the price too high considering the length and enjoyability. I’m a huge fan of the point-and-click puzzle genre, but The Last Days was just an unfortunate waste of time as far as I’m concerned.

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