Seers Isle

Nova-box , Nova-box
Sep 18, 2018 - Nintendo Switch, PC
8.7 / 10
Nintendo Blast
8 / 10
Rapid Reviews UK
5 / 5
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Critic Reviews for Seers Isle

If your fingers need a break from the shooter and platforming games and you have a flair for story-based, fantasy-filled role-playing games then you should take a look at Seers Isle. While considered a "game" it's clear that non-gaming young adult+ book readers can find something to enjoy here as well! What you'll find is a visually pleasing and interactive experience that can easily be enjoyed on the go. It's a "game" where your choices matter and they have a impact on the story's outcome. While relatively short, it encourages replaying through again where selecting different choices can reward you with multiple alternate endings!

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Nova-box developed a quality title with an engaging and mature plot in the genre of interactive visual novels, leaving the player thirsty for reaching all the endings. However, the not-so-varied diversity of events and the repeatability may prevent some players from seeing all the outcomes. Even so, Seers Isle is a title of extreme quality, and comes close to perfection.

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Nova-Box is back with another of their visual novels to be released for the Nintendo Switch. Visual novels aren’t my cup of tea and it’s not been until recently that I’ve delved into the genre. I previously reviewed Along The Edge and was blown away by both its story and art. With Seers Isle I started with an open mind. But, seeing that it is also developed by Nova-Box I had sudden high expectations.

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