Aokana - EXTRA1

Sprite, NekoNyan Ltd., HIKARI FIELD

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Aokana - EXTRA1

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 6, 2020

Developer: Sprite

Publishers: NekoNyan Ltd., HIKARI FIELD

Genres: Adventure, Interactive Story

AOKANA - EXTRA1 IS THE OFFICIAL MASHIRO AFTERSTORY FOR AOKANA.EXPERIENCE, EVEN MORE, AOKANA IN 1440P! AOKANA IS A JAPANESE-STYLE VISUAL NOVEL PRODUCED BY SPRITE, A JAPANESE DEVELOPER OF ROMANCE VNS. IT WON NUMEROUS AWARDS ON THE YEAR OF ITS RELEASE IN JAPAN FOR ITS ART, MUSIC, AND CHARACTERS. Story: I have a role model that I idolize... A boyfriend that I love... And many wonderful friends who will always be there for me. All it took was a bit of courage and hard work, and I found what I’d always yearned for. Now it’s finally time for our Happily Ever After! ...Or so I thought. I’m still struggling to pass my classes at school. I was utterly humiliated in a cooking contest by Rika and Arika. And worst of all, Misaki-senpai and Asuka-senpai are trying to challenge my position as Masaya-senpai’s girlfriend! At this rate, I’ll lose my boyfriend, flunk my classes, and Mashiro Udon will go under! One day, as I was stressing about everything, my mom suggested that Masaya-senpai and I go on an overnight trip together. “I’ll whip us up a delicious lunch!” "And I’ll impress him with a cute outfit, too!” Because I went and blabbed to Masaya-senpai, I’m now stuck spending all of my free time doing some intense training to improve my skills in certain areas that I’m sorely lacking! Will things really work out? This is the story of a girl and her Senpai, their hectic romance, and all the friends that help them out along the way.

Aokana - EXTRA1 Critic Reviews

I would recommend Aokana – Extra1 if you completed Aokana, liked Mashiro, and enjoy the light comedy style the story is told with. It’s short, lighthearted, and sweet while keeping the humor up almost constantly. Despite the lack of a strong plot, if you want to see more of Mashiro after you won her over in Aokana, this is where you can find it. It’s not as engaging as the original Aokana, but it is in the end a short fandisc – additional content aimed directly at the fans. And that’s fine.

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Aokana – EXTRA 1 is an excellent opportunity to see how Mashiro and Masaya’s love life develops. It doesn’t pack the main game’s exciting action, but it knows how to use the character dynamics in interesting ways. Its choice of focusing on comedy and the awkwardness of first love makes an engaging story for those who were already captivated by the characters.

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7.5 / 10.0

Aokana - EXTRA1 is a visual novel fulfilled with cuteness and lovely stories rather then building up its own theme from the main episode. You can enjoy comic love story between Mashiro and Masaya who fall in love with each other. It would be special present for those who want to see the story after the main episode ended.

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