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My Aunt is a Witch

Sometimes You
Nov 25, 2020 - Nintendo Switch
Screen Rant
2 / 5
4 / 10
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My Aunt is a Witch Media

Critic Reviews for My Aunt is a Witch

My Aunt is a Witch is a very entertaining, and thoroughly fun visual novel. A story of a young boy who finds some adventure and magic in his world to replace an unfortunate turn to his life. Visual novels are not really my go-to genre, My Aunt is a Witch is the second visual novel I have reviewed for LadiesGamers. And I must say if there where more VN’s like this one on the Nintendo Switch I’d be making a few purchases on the eShop! As for fans of this genre, I can recommend My Aunt is a Witch to add to your collection.

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My Aunt is a Witch misses the mark for a story.

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An ambitious title with gorgeous animation and clever gameplay elements, but unfortunately the narrative doesn't measure up.

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