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Aleste Collection

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchDec 24, 2020

Developer: M2

Publisher: M2

Genre: Action

The package includes: Aleste (1988, SEGA Mark III), GG Aleste (1991, Game Gear), GG Aleste II (1993, Game Gear), Power Strike II (1993, SEGA Master System).

Aleste Collection Critic Reviews

This is unlikely to be the Aleste collection anyone wanted. Those interested in the early days of Aleste will quickly notice the lack of the MSX2 games and the omission of Musha, Dennin (AKA: Robo), and Super Aleste will disappoint those fond of the most popular entries in the series. However, even without those, Aleste Collection still contains five great shmups and represents excellent value for money, especially when you consider this package costs much less than some second-hand cart-only auctions do for single games contained within it – and that's before you even consider GG Aleste 3's very welcome addition.

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GG Aleste II is a great game, and the fact it maintains the appeal of its predecessor while bumping up the challenge factor makes it an ideal shoot ’em up to move on to after you feel like you’ve mastered GG Aleste. While shoot ’em up veterans may still find it a little on the easy side compared to titles on more powerful hardware, it still puts up a decent fight — and perhaps most importantly, it’s an enjoyable ride from start to finish. And ultimately, to just have fun is the reason we’re all here, isn’t it?

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